Hello everyone and welcome. So in this article we will be reviewing about Divi Theme For WordPress. Just so you know this website was made using Divi and i will be giving proof of this later in this blog post.

In this article we will be looking at the functionality and the working of Divi, which is the most popular and famous of all the themes of Elegant Themes. We will also be looking at the functions, benefits, pricing and the usage of Divi theme. In the end we will also be looking whether or not to use it and is it worth your money spent.

To get started, Divi is the a highly popular theme. It was created and is regularly updated by Elegant Themes. Elegant Themes is one of the most popular WordPress theme store in the market place. It makes complete sense that Divi is there flagship product and is equally or more popular.

Apart from all of this i will be honest here to admit that Divi is truly an impressive theme which comes with a ton of features including the Visual Builder (which will be discussed later). These features are beginner friendly and any one can easily grasp it’s functionality.

The beginner-friendly nature is what makes Divi so popular in the market places. We will discuss this later in this article.

Now let us start with the basics:

Divi Theme For WordPress: Answering, What Is  Divi?


We now know that Divi is that flagship theme of Elegant Theme. What we don’t know is that Divi is also referred to as the mega theme. In other words, it is similar to a standard WordPress theme, however it is bigger and much more powerful.

Divi comes in handy because it has the ability to serve various purposes which makes it a good fit for any website out there. It doesn’t matter what kind of website you want to build, Divi/Elegant theme promises that if can easily handle the work for you.

Elegant Themes took special care while developing Divi. They wanted to make sure that even a novice can easily build any kind of website that they wished for! From the visual builder to the updates and the interface is built in a sensitive way that even a novice can handle it easily.

To summarize this paragraph:

  • Divi doesn’t require its users to have any kind of a coding skill. The customization is very simple and easy to do. Customization is available through the user interface which comes in handy.
  • Customization is super simple with the Visual Builder. Visual Builder is basically designing your website on the front end. This means that you don’t have to worry about what’s happening to your modifications in the backend, all of the changes will be visible to you in live in front of your eyes. You will be receiving a real time preview of the customizations that you do.
  • Divi lets you build any type of layout possible while still using the same theme.
  • Lastly, Divi is a full functional WordPress theme that works right after the purchase. The installation is quick and pretty easy to do so.

Divi’s main purpose is to let you build any kind of website that you want. This is the main trait of the mega theme genre. To simplify Divi doesn’t comes with a fixed designed, it doesn’t forces its users to use a predefined layout or a style, instead it let’s you choose from the 3 option panel.

This is exactly what makes Divi a multipurpose WordPress theme.

Divi is also way ahead of any other page builder such as Elementor Builder.

At the end, no matter what Elementor Builder gives to its users, Divi is a complete and an all in one solution.

For example, to make Elementor Builder word, you will be needing a different WordPress theme unlike Divi Builder. In the end you actually get a full package that serves as all in one package for you.

Divi is a more convenient option for everyone. It is a full fledged theme and it even comes with its advanced page builder functionality. You will not be needing any additional theme to make things word for you.

How To Use Divi Theme For WordPress?

As Divi is a premium WordPress theme, you will not be able to find it on the WordPress.org default theme directory. Instead, you will have to visit Elegant Themes, and then download the own ZIP file which will contain the theme. 

When you have the ZIP file with you then installation of that file is just like any other theme. You just have to go to your WordPress dashboard —> Click on Appearence —> Click on Themes —> Click on Add New —> Upload Theme either by dragging or by uploading simply.

Uploading may take some time depending on the internet speed and the server response time. If you want a great server than we recommend using SiteGround as it is the quickest and the fastest server out there in the market. Once Divi Theme is installed and is successfully activated into your WordPress, you will be able to see Divi on the sidebar along with all the remaining setting in the panel.

Lots of settings can be adjusted from there however i won’t advise you to do that first. These settings can always be altered later.

The best way to familiarize yourself with Divi is by creating a new page or a homepage for your website. To help you guys, I will be creating a new homepage step by step in this review.

In order to create a new blank page head over to Page (on the sidebar settings) —> click on Add Page. After clicking on the add pages button, you will be redirected page where it will say to edit with Divi Builder. Click on “edit with Divi Builder”.

Divi Builder is structured into sections, rows, columns, and finally content blocks.

These may sound complicated to you at first however these aren’t really that complicated as it seems to be. Once you start working with Divi, you will get to know that it is simple and easy to do so. For your information this website, https://www.influxmarket.com is made from Divi.

An example of a page structure is shown below where you can see all the essential elements including sections, rows, columns and the content blocks).

Mixing all the rows, columns, content blocks etc allows you to construct the type of page you want with Divi.

Exploring Divi Features!

The unique selling point of Divi is that it is a full fledged solution for building the kind of website that you dream of. It comes with a full package of many options to choose from.

Below i have listed some of the features of Divi which makes outstanding from all other themes in the market.

  • The Visual Builder can build sites in real time. It means that there is a live preview of everything that is going on while you are building a website. 
  • Divi allows you to customize everything. There is no hassle in that. 
  • All the layouts in Divi are mobile responsive. This is specially helpful since more than 50% of the traffic comes from mobile users. 
  • 99% of the functions are drag and drop. The remaining 1% is just some advanced functionality. 
  • Divi has lots of premade layouts in the box to choose from. It contains layouts such as a Digital Marketing Agency, Dentist, Ecommerce Website, Jeweller, Cobler and many others. 
  • Editing of text is similar to Microsoft Word Document.
  • The library of content elements is awesome!

The library contains up to 36 elements (can increase/decrease as Divi updates).

Divi even has a split testing module which you can use to easily split test and conduct experiements as to which appearance gets you the best result.

To surprise you, Divi also comes translated in 32 languages which includes Arabic, French, Dutch, Spanish, Chinese etc.

Ease Of Use: Divi For WordPress

Many people ask me that is Divi overwheming as it comes with a lot of functions.

The simple answer to this question is NO!

Yes I do agree that Divi has variety of features and if you want to build a website from scratch than it can be overwhelming. The best option for you in that case is that you build a website from their premade layout.

Divi comes with a bunch of premade layouts which includes website layouts for Digital Marketing Services, SEO specialists, Dentist, Tution Providers etc. The list continues to increase as time goes on.

Editing the premade layout can be very easy for you guys than.

All that being said, Divi is a pool of functions and it will take constant practice and experimentations before you can call yourself a professional when it comes to Divi.

If you still need any help then the documentation of Divi comes in handy and has all the written guidelines for a novice.

Alternatively there are many tutorials and videos on YouTube for using Divi for WordPress. I found the Elegant Themes channel on YouTube to be impressive.

Divi Pricing: Is It Worth The Investment?

Divi is a premium product and the flagship product of Elegant Themes. However instead of just buying Divi, Elegant Theme allows you to buy the whole catalog of themes and plugins (which includes Divi and other popular themes).

I did not find the membership to be pricy. The membership model comes with two options as shown below:


With that price, you can access Divi along with all the other themes and the plugins that Elegant Themes has to offer.

The question now comes if you should buy it or not?

There is no direct answer to it.

Basically the answer to this question lies in your expectations with the WordPress theme.

Divi is powerful and comes with drag and drop options which i found incredible.

This simply means that if you plan to change the direction of your site in the future, it would not be a hassle for you. For this reason Divi is a great investment.

You should also keep in mind that you will not need any coding or designing skills in order to make a website. You are the master of your own website and you will not be needing to hire any designer or website developer.

Now the next question is that which plan should you choose?

If i was honestly at your place, I would choose the yearly plan. The reason is that i believe that you should first test something and then fully commit to it.

If you find yourself truly enjoying Divi, you can easily switch to the one time payment method in the long run.

To conclude, Divi is a great choice for a begineer, or a do-it-yourself user who wants to design his website by his own. If you don’t know anything about coding but still want a professional, eye catching website, Divi is worth checking out.

Over to you,


Faraz Mushtaq