In today’s world Digital Marketing can not be ignored. Every great company out there is using the power of Digital Marketing for multiple objectives which includes Brand Awareness, Reach, Conversions and others. An effective Digital Marketing strategy can meet the needs of a business and can also increase the demand for the product or the service of the business effectively. However as time changes the methods of marketing your business also changes. This blog will talk about what to look for in marketing in 2019 and beyond.

If you want gain more followers and more viewers then you will need to be active online. The influence of “cyberspace” or the “landscape of Digital Marketing” has been with us since the early 90’s and now, just decades later, it has become a major virtual environment for many people living on Earth.

Internet is a place with lots of content out there. The question is that if you want to show your content out there to the viewers, how do you do it successfully? This year in 2019 we shall see what trends should digital marketers should show and should prepare in order for them to succeed.

1) Use Of ChatBots Will Increase

You may have seen Chatbots on Facebook. Chatbots became famous in 2018 and they will continue to dominate Facebook and other platforms in 2019 and beyond. 

Chatbots are intelligent software that act as a virtual respondent. They communicate with the user effectively and help them to complete their query and respond to their inquiry. Chatbots interact with human beings primarily through the use of chat windows (in which normal text is appeared), but verbal/audio interaction is also possible. Verbal or Audio interaction can be effective if the user is asking verbally.

Nowadays Chatbots are used for many purposes. From whether forecast reports to latest news and audio books, basic customer support functions can be handled by these Chatbots easily. Chatbots has the power to allow users to get personalized and customized interaction without the need for too much human interaction.

Chatbots can be used for a variety of purposes. Some common benefits of Chatbots are that they can help us with 24 hours of service. They come in handy when we need an instant response. Communication with them is super simple. They are friendly when approached. They can also answer simple questions etc.

Their usage in 2018 increased extensively and that’s likely to continue in 2019 and beyond.




2) Video Production Is Encouraged

Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world, first being Google (Youtube is owned by Google). It simply means that many people in the world are watching videos on Youtube and most of these videos are created in the service of Digital Marketing. However a great tip for you guys is that you should also be putting videos on Facebook and any other free social platform in order for your audience to grow.

Video making is became famous in the 20th century. It continued to offer a great source of content throughout the period. Now video is paired with lots of accurate data and stats for us to see how our efforts are performing. Video making is a very valuable digital marketing tool. One should make videos for Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or even your own website just to engage viewers effectively. Video Production is helpful in conveying lots of information about your product or your service. As long as you stick to the basics of an excellent video production, you can always make impressive gains.





3) Live Video Streaming Is Important

One of the fastest rising digital marketing tool is the use of live video. Part of this is due to an immense spike in streaming services, thanks to popular channels such as Youtube, Facebook, and Twitch. “Twitch” allows people to easily stream videos and play games.

Live Video Streaming can easily be combined with Influencer Marketing and can result in very successful Digital Marketing Campaigns. Whether it be an Influencer who is engaging with your audience or it be a traditional source, such as a celebrity or an athlete or a musician, having a live stream with your audience can be a huge surprise for your audience. An influencer live stream can be highly useful. This means that if can be a high profile form of digital marketing right now. Live Streaming can be effective when done right, with a well-chosen personality.




4) Content Is Still The King!

Content Marketing is the essential of Digital Marketing. Content is always going to matter a lot as it should be a quality content. You should be aiming to produce high quality content no matter what. You should also know your targeted audience well enough. Having a deeper understanding of your targeted audience will allow you to understand your audience better and cater their needs. A more effective marketing is when you have a more sophisticated understanding of your targeted audience and you are able to target your audience in a more precise manner.

Generally saying content was, is, and always will be the king no matter what. You should be aiming for specialized material for targeted industries. This can produce impressive results for you. Content Marketing should be kept relevant and moving forward.



5) Email Marketing Is Vital

Email Marketing continues to be a great channel of communication with your intended audience. There are billions of people using emails for variety of purposes which includes personal, commercial, legal and academic purpose. There are millions of people using Email Marketing to promote their business.

Email Marketing is here to stay and is not dead. Email Marketing continues to be vital for your Digital Marketing Strategy. Like any other Digital Marketing Tool Email Marketing continues to evolve. What once used to work, does not work now. Email Marketing is evolving and changing like any other Digital Marketing Tool out there. Generic Emails Marketing Campaigns no longer work. It is a combination of strategy, automation and most important, personalization that can yield you immense benefit. Emails can be used for triggering “call to action” and other purposes when combined with your re-marketing campaigns.



6) Insta Is Famous In Millennial

Facebook did a very wise decision when they acquired Instagram. Facebook is now threat free from any other rising social media platform (up till now). Instagram focuses on Image and Video Based Content. This makes Images and Videos for its viewers easy to share and like them.

Instagram current users are now more than one billion and will continue to grow for 2019 and beyond. Instagram has achieved a great impressiveness in this. This simply means that Instagram is a rapid growing social media platform specially for youngsters and people under the age of 30. Facebook might be losing in due respect as it is criticized for “old people”.



7) Facebook Continues to Rise

The great news is that Facebook is still currently the number one Social Media Platform out there. Facebook is number one social media platform in the United States with over 41% of the users being over the age of 65. If you want to market a target audience of this age then there is no better choice out there than Facebook. However if you want to target a younger audience then Instagram might be a better choice for you.

However 2018 was a tough year for Facebook as data leaking and breaching affected millions of its users. It gained a reputation for being the platform of choice for weaponized, political propaganda and a drop in popularity with the youngsters. People even felt that there is a change in relationship between Facebook and the public.

It is important for upcoming Digital Marketers to brainstorm and think that who their target market may be, reason being that Facebook might be very unsuitable for some campaigns. It may be unsuitable for campaigns targeted for youngsters because there is a drop in youngsters using Facebook.

However Facebook is still huge and many users still check on it every day. Future Digital Marketers need to be more wise and sensible when marketing on Facebook or they might be targeting on the wrong social media platform.



8) Voice Interaction Is Becoming Famous

Verbal/Voice Interaction is rising because of the Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa and other smart devices. The real takeaway is that talking is an easy way to interact with the internet. These machines and artificial intelligence tools are now gathering and processing data about what people want to shop, what they are searching about and what they want to discover.

However, this comes up with some surprising challenges. For instance. conducting a voice search is totally different from typing a query on any of the search engines. When a user performs a text-based search and types a query, the search engine or any other platform displays one page at a time for the results. But the case with voice interaction is different. When a user conducts a voice search and the device replies verbally, the device may give only a few choices. It is because the device wants to give precise and to the point answer to the user.

This means that a different approach is required for coming up with voice related queries. Voice Interaction is an area that can not be ignored because many users are relying on it now more than ever. For instances the meta-descriptions of websites might be needed to be optimized so that the voice interactions might “read it better”.




To conclude trends change all the time. You will need to follow these trends in order to be a digital marketing leader. Apply any one of these principles and you will find an impressive result.

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